There is a easy working example using rasax with form/ formAction?


Someone have a successful rasa X bot using form ?

I tried MANY ways to work with but no luck so far. This example: formbot example, must follow very happy path. not work for me. There is another example out there?


Could you clarify what’s not working?

Hello @akelad !

There is some gaps in example, that I cant figure out the right way to do it. Here some behaviors that example don’t cover.

  • After getting information (entities filled), show resume (i.e: utter_slots_resume) after call form action. There is a way to do resume before call action?
  • How the best way to clean slots and deactivate form to start over another ?
  • How the right way to send response to user after form action?

Thanks for help !

Have you looked at our demo bot Sara?

Hello Akela, This is nice BOT with Action, but the primary question relates to working with Rasa X. I have RASA on my local machine and there since we run ‘rasa shell’ and ‘rasa run actions’ in separate prompts it gives all logs and all works fine. But in RASA X the process is not simple deploy, as Actions needs to be call with over ride etc. This is where most of the people are struck as i see in the community !! Could you pls. help if any BOT that we can directly put on RASA X ?

I also have this exact same issue. It works all fine with forms and slots but on RASA X it fails and is not working. Can you please explain more?

Overall it seems your project is good but it is very hard to follow the examples.