Does Rasa 2.x/3.x still and will gonna support older formaction?

Hi everyone,

I have been a power user of Rasa 1.x and 2.x (to some extend) for quiet some time and I must say I enjoyed the framework quiet a lot, but as Rasa is moving forward the level of abstraction has increase quiet a lot which basically killed its flexibility. I really enjoyed the form action which gave me the flexibility of doing almost anything I wanted to based on customer requirement. So my questions is pretty simple does Rasa still provide the flexible formaction class, if so till which version can use it.

If its still there, my request is not to depreciate that feature. @LindaA

Yes, with 3.x there are some nice forms improvements and the flexibility is still there. The required_slots method allows for a lot of flexibility. Arjaan also did a really nice approach to slot response re-promoting with 3.x forms in the financial-demo bot.