Test stories with Form

Hi there. I’m using a form to collect contact info of the users with stories like this:

`- story: schedule meeting with client info steps:

  • intent: greeting
  • action: utter_greet
  • intent: ask_contact
  • action: utter_explain_contact_form
  • action: contact_form
  • active_loop: contact_form
  • active_loop: null
  • action: utter_wecontact`

My question is how the test stories should look like considering the slots and the form, I have not could find some info about it.

Hi Diego,

I usually use rasa interactive to construct the story that I’d like to test. Once the story is complete I export the story and then I move it from my stories.yml file to my tests. Would that suffice?

Hi koaning, but when one uses rasa interactive, the user query aren’t stored in the stories. So how are you using rasa interactive for test data?

Ah pardon! You’re also interested in creating test examples.

In that case Rasa X might be nicer. In the “talk to your assistant” tab there’s a story that you can copy for test-cases.

Oh okay. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try rasa x. Thanks!

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