Test Socket.io with postman

I have created a chat bot using rasa. I am able to test chatbot using ‘rasa shell’. It is working as expected. Now I have to link the chatbot with our website. We use Postman for testing. It is working as expected when we use “/webhooks/rest/webhook” as URL and send payload as following json:

    "sender": "user",
   "message": "Hi"

Using this we are getting corresponding response.

Now, we want to use socket.io instead of webhooks. Hence we added following code to credentials.yml file:

  user_message_evt: user_uttered
  bot_message_evt: bot_uttered
  session_persistence: true

After adding the code to yml, we create a new websocket request in postman and connect with “ws://localhost:5005/” URL. Connection is successful. After connecting to URL successfully, we are getting following warning in messages section: Add event listeners to receive messages

Due to his warning we are not getting any response from rasa.

Can anybody give suggestions on any missing part in my code or postman settings.

I have to first code in my pc and then let you know the error. but you are still missing one code.

I’ve been using Postman with the socket channel recently. It sounds like you didn’t add a listener in Postman for bot_uttered.

Hi @Gabrielhall , Did you get a chance to try this out on your pc?

Yes @stephens . I am new to RASA, I am not sure where and which code I should add. I looked into rasa documentation, but I didn’t find document related to how we can add listener. Can you suggest me documentation for this or post some code which I can you directly.

@Harvey5368 Not yet.