Telegram gif size


I am sending gif’s by telegram channel, but the mobile app is rezing the gif and it becomes blurred. So i want to fix the gif size. The web version of telegram shows the gif at the original size.

I hope you can help me.

Adding the code of the utter telegram in domain.yml:

  - channel: "telegram"
      text: "¡Hi! I am an chatbot"
      animation: "https:/url.gif"

hi @darich10 ! I’m not sure that’s something we can control on Rasa’s end? Does the Telegram documentation specify a way to do this via their API?

Hi! Thanks for your response. According to the documentation it is possible.

Or I understand It is possible to do.

oh cool! then this should be possible by modifying the telegram channel, see here - adding this would be a super cool contribution to Rasa if you’re up for it!

At the end I decided to use animated stickers in TGS format instead of gif. It is just simple and better. Thanks for your support.