Design Stories for many Intents

Hi Rasa folks,

I am developing a chatbot that has around 50 intents for my website. I am confused about how to design the stories for my bot as the user could ask any combination of intents. Therefore, the number of stories is high. Is there a way to overcome this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Is there anyone face the same issue?

50 intents is still in the reasonable range story-wise. When you say users “could ask any combination of intents”, do you mean ask one at a time? In this case, if the answer to some questions is always the same, you can use mapping (in Rasa 2.0 this will be a “rule”) and then you don’t have to write stories for those intents. Take a look at the response selector section of Tutorial: Building Assistants. For mapping, it looks like e.g.

  - greet: {triggers: action_greet}

You will still need stories for more complicated interactions, and it’s easiest to build them up bit by bit. Don’t worry about writing all possible stories right off the bat, just start with the most common ones you expect, get some test users to try it out, and expand to new stories based on what you see users asking