How to predict intents without any NLU?

I would like to achieve the following simple interaction

1 - user: hi
2 - bot: hi, I'm Mr. Bot. Would you like to enter some text?
3 - user: yes
4 - bot: Alright. Enter some text for me.
5 - user: Here is my text. Just some random text. No NLU should be done.
6 - bot: Got it. thanks!

Is this possible with Rasa? I have tried different ways with and without forms but rasa fails at step 5 because it tries to do NLU.

1 - user: greet
2 - bot:      utter_greet
3 - user: accept
4 - bot:      utter_ask_text
5 - user: inform_text                        <--- No NLU should be done
6 - bot:      utter_finished

Any tips?

It sounds like you want to use a form that uses a custom action to store the data that you’re interested in. The idea is that in a form you can ask a user to give a value for a slot. Technically there is still some NLU happening, but it will be mostly ignored if you write custom code to validate the input.

If you’re new to forms, you may appreciate reading the docs here. Alternatively, we’ve also gotten a small series on youtube that introduce how they work. You can find the videos in the rasa tutorials playlist.

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Thanks. Would be great if there were a more direct approach, but a form can work too.