Take slot value from front end

I got idea of making the front end send information and fill up two slots on rasa right in the beginning of the conversation.

I did so with sending to /webhooks/rest/webhook message with the information and create a action from that message and taking the slots value from there. I’m doing this like this in the html of my code image

The NLU takes from it the latitude and longitude image

and the story as well

The slot value seems to update but when I call next function it is dissappears.

Can someone please give me notion on how they would go around this. Am I misunderstanding something?

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Couple of questions:

  • Can you share the complete log output?
  • How do you call the next action?
  • And what Rasa version are you using?


version 1.5.1

I’m calling the next action with sentence from my website which has endpoint on localhost:5005

Here is my output log output (7.6 KB)

I think I can see what I’m doing wrong. I’ve decided too take another try at this with changing the socket.io channel I’m using. I’ve made the changes but I don’t know how too make it use my socket.io file. How do I implement that in my credentials file?