How to setting slot from rasa node action server

I m using the rasa node action server instead of python. Actually, the action server output contains responses and events. The response data getting easily but could not able to get slot values of events array.

@Mk007 can you share the format you getting whilst running rasa run actions?

{ events: [{ event: ‘slot’, timestamp: null, name: ‘nameList’, value: [Array] } ], responses: [ {}]} This is my format of responses from the rasa node action server

@Mk007 any specific reasons why you using node.js ?

Node is my all-time favorite one

@Mk007 What you have mentioned in credentials.yml can you share?

I just mentioned, in the credential.yml


rasa: utl : ‘http://localhost:5002/api

@Mk007 Well, I personal not implemented but can share some resources I wish that help you. GitHub - Lykos94/rasa-node-action-server: NodeJS alternative to Rasa SDK Action Server

@Mk007 Do check all the files actions and you will get the idea how to mention responses, events, slots etc.

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Thank you so much for your kind response Nik. keep in touch

@Mk007 Hi, I hope you doing fine MKP! can you please close this thread a solution for others. Thanks.

Yeah. I got the slot values from the tracker store that would be there in webhook API in node.

@Mk007 can you share some code, when ever you got time. Thanks.

Nik I just referred from

@Mk007 Right, This is the same I suggested you as solution ? Great! Thanks for the information and update for other readers.