Supporting a new connector without webhooks


I would like to implement a custom rasa channel - but a webhook is a total no-no (unsafe for information security reasons). I’d prefer to use the Slack Real Time Messaging API - Real Time Messaging API | Slack rather than webhooks.

I see no examples, and I’m unsure a generic style like this is supported without some aggressive code changes to the platform.

If you can suggest anything - LMK! :grinning:

Hey @Bij and welcome to the Rasa community :slight_smile:

The current architecture is def build around a push model and not a pull one (which would be the messaging API, which uses a websocket to retrieve messages). Why do you think a pull would be more secure? I mean you should use HTTPS in either direction otherwise you are right.

Unfortunately in enterprise environments - you don’t always control the process. I do think that most enterprises don’t expose endpoints to the internet- so I don’t see how this will impact adoption of the container system proposed

I do think that you are going to hit this use-case for enterprise customers and if I was in your shoes I’d certainly be thinking about it. At minimum an asyncio pump that people can use to perform background tasks. I had to hack this by creating a subprocess polling /pump