Suggestions when user typing in user text

How to achieve the suggestions in user text and it disappears when user typing like (PLACEHOLDERS) google forms. Is it possible to do in rasa? I’m using Chatroom UI. I have attached the image and I want to do like that.

@Shan Connect your backend with an AJAX async call. So that you can get suggestions. Thanks

@Shan As mention by krkc do it like that or simple move to rasa Webchat its more easy to handle, if you don’t have prior experience on CSS,HTML and JS. Do check this GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront and check this also

Thanks for reply Could you explain more detail?
Actually I’m trying to add placeholders in user text. for eg: user filling the email form I want to add placeholders: please give your email id in that user text.

Like this
Bot: what is your Email-Id:
User: Please give your email id

@Shan Are you making a Chatbot or Website? This is not the right practice and if you want this but it is all based on Frontend.

No no I mean placeholders in user text and It will disappears when user start typing

@Shan check you example what you saying? in bot its a question what is your email-Id and user also asking please give your email ID.? [/quote]

@Shan Sorry not get you at all. @Shan That can be done:


Ok. I am facing overlapping error. tno is entity. tno contains only number.
UserWarning: Parsing of message: ‘my number is 1234567890’ lead to overlapping entities: 1234567890 of type tno extracted by DIETClassifier overlaps with 1234567890 of type number extracted by DucklingEntityExtractor. Th is can lead to unintended filling of slots. Please refer to the documentation section on entity extractors and entities getting extracted multiple times:

@Shan this is not related to this post of error.

Ok. what’s the problem why it is oocurs?

@Shan without proper information or code how I can suggest? create a new post n upload some error or code, then we can suggest.