Story "else", if detected intent is not one in the story

The title is not really explicite, but my problem is really simple. At each end of the story, my bot is going to ask “Can I do something else for you”

I have one story that handle the “Yes” (the bot is going to say “What can I do ?” and then restart the conversation to prepare for the next intent) and one story that handle the “No” (“Ok bye bye” and then restart the conversation).

My problem is, how do I handle if the user go straight to the next intention ? With the two stories I have, the bot is currently picking either the first or the second story, so obviously I need a third one.

We are using the keras policy, but we are going to change to the embedding one, but not sure it’s going to change anything.

Anyone has an idea on this ?

Have you tried restarting the conversation after the “Can I do something else for you” question? I think then it should work as expected

Well I tried, but if I do that, it’ll work for the third action, but it won’t if the user say Yes or No, because it has no context for the end of the story