Storing all information in a graph database

Hey I’m trying to set up a database for my chatbot and was going to use a Graph DB for storing domain specific knowledge but I was wondering if it is possible or recommended to store the conversation history in the same DB or should a separate relational DB be used?

I’m also reading about Tracker Stores and Event Brokers which both support SQL. Would it be best to use an SQL DB for these two and a Graph DB for domain knowledge?

In theory it is possible to store both, i.e. conversation history and domain knowledge, in the same database but different tables/schemas. However, we do not support any graph database out of the box for tracker stores/event brokers, so I would recommend to use whatever is available. Depending on the structure of the domain knowledge you could either add it to the database you are already using or set up a Graph DB and store the information over there. It depends on the structure of the data, e.g. do you want to express many relations or not. Storing relations in a Graph DB might be easier than storing them in a relation DB.