Stop DIET classifications with low confidence

So, my DIET classifier is breaking my lookup table words:

and giving some classifications with low confidence. How do I stop this… If DIET classifies with below 0.7 confidence, I want it not to extract. Also, please no suggestions about switching to CRF or something else. DIET is working very well for me. Just some wrinkles…

Hi there, can you go further into detail about why you don’t want it to extract the entities? Intent classiication and entity extraction are two different tasks, and DIET is still successfully performing one of the tasks, In this case daal is actually a food item, right?

so actually in my examples, i had ‘green daal’ as a food item…so diet must have broken it up and trained on each word or something. i removed that example,and it worked. ‘daal’ as an individual word is not a food item in my db.