Does DIET Considers Entity when classify intent?

Does DIET Considers Entity when classify intent? If yes, then how can we add more weightage to the entity word while classification?

Yes, just set entity_recognition to True . Maybe this widget can help you to understand

I’m also studying DIET architecture, so correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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it is recognizing entities already, let me clarify my question by giving an example.

Lets say i have two intents “order.drinks” and “order.snacks” and i have trained DIET on them and both intents have training phrases “can i get coke” and “can i get french fries”.

Now what i have tested my model is able to extract french fries as snacks when i ask the bot “can i get french fries” but when i say him “can i get doritos” (model has never seen doritos but it is present in lookup table of snacks) it extracts doritos as snacks entity but it classifies “can i get doritos” phrase as “order.drinks” which it should not.

So my question here is that if DIET considers entity extraction for the classification of the intent then it should classify “can i get doritos” to “order.snacks” as in this case entity “snacks” has been extracted. Hope it is clear now…