SSL and RASA Run

I created my first chatbot and I want to connect it to FB Messenger. FB Messenger required a HTTPS connection to connect with RASA server.

The tutorial write: "By default the Rasa server is using HTTP for its communication. To secure the communication with SSL, you need to provide a valid certificate and the corresponding private key file. You can specify these files as part of the rasa run command: rasa run --ssl-certificate myssl.crt --ssl-keyfile myssl.key "

I tried with self generated certificate and private key - on my server in HTTP (no HTTPS) with openssl -, but weren’t connect to Messenger and also “curl XGET https://…” told me that the certificate is self generated. If I use an HTTPS server - e.g. Google Cloud Platform - what I have to write into the RASA RUN command? Where is the --ssl-certificate and --ssl-keyfile? How to solve the problem?


@FabioV you have to use a certificate generated for the DNS your server is running on, it has to be a proper cert (eg with letsencrypt) and not self generated

I have to search where the certificate and the private key is saved into server

Sorry for the late reply - but what do you mean? Have you managed to figure it out?