Sql with rasa and interpreter

i would to define function de respond on dataset hotels but I do not know how can i find the interpreter.this the code how can solve that issue and thanks in advice

    def respond(message):
# Extract the entities
entities = interpreter.parse(message)["entities"]
# Initialize an empty params dictionary
params = {}
# Fill the dictionary with entities
for ent in entities:
    params[ent["entity"]] = str(ent["value"])

# Find hotels that match the dictionary
results = find_hotels(params)
# Get the names of the hotels and index of the response
names = [r[0] for r in results]
n = min(len(results),3)
# Select the nth element of the responses array
  return responses[n].format(*names)

# Test the respond() function
print(respond("I want an expensive hotel in the south of town"))

what do you mean by find interpreter? I think your behaviour is something you should be handling in Custom Actions

thank you