SQL Tracker Not working for multiple Bots


I am using SQL tracker store to log the conversation to SQL table. It works well with single BOT, but when I try to use same configuration for another bot, it throws below error. Basically, it looks for slots/events etc of my first bot. When I use separate database for another bot, it works good. What is the way to store the conversation of different bots in same database?

Rasa Version : 1.10


  type: SQL

  dialect: "mssql+pyodbc"  # the dialect used to interact with the db

  url: "servername"

  port: "XXXX"

  db: "db_Dev"  # path to your db

  username: "XXXX" # username used for authentication

  password: "XXXXXX" # password used for authentication

  query: # optional dictionary to be added as a query string to the connection URL

    driver: "SQL Server"

Thanks, Pooja

Hello, Pooja!

You’ve forgotten to attach the error log so it’s hard to say precisely what’s going on. However, based on the information you’ve posted I can say the following:

SQLTracker saves all data to a table called events and it doesn’t give you an option to specify to which bot the specific event belongs to. Which means you have to use one database per each bot.