Some cases are not match with similar examples and entity

Hi all,

I have some problems with training intent.

my examples is like : - [travel to] aus on [last week]

But when user inputs text similar like: [travel to] Vietnam last day.

It’s return to fallback actions. It needs to user input exactly the same examples to handle the entity. I want to focus on the entity like [travel to] , not the text behind.

How can i do that?

Hi, how many NLU examples do you have for this intent?

Hi @akelad

I have many examples for it. Like 20,30 examples. But after tested, i found many cases similar examples return to fallback actions.

20,30 isn’t that many to be fair! Can you also show me the pipeline you’re using? And can you post the debug logs for when the bot goes into fallback? You can get those by using the --debug flag with rasa shell

Hi @akelad My pineline as below:

And the log file as below: out.log (41.6 KB)

I tested 2 cases similar on log file :

đi du lịch đảo lý sơn 15m . this one is working.

đi du lịch đảo 15m . this one is not working. it’s return to fallback.

Are you sure you sent the right log file? I don’t see any fallback in there

Sr it’s my mistake. Exactly it’s not returning to fallback, it’s working right custom action. But the extractor is parsing wrong value of entities. You can see at the log. How can i make it parse right value?

đi [du lịch] (travel) đảo lý sơn 15m parse entertaiment right.

đi [du lịch] (travel) đảo 15m parse wrong with value is [du lịch đảo]