Slot value not set in custom action

Hi, In my custom action, i had created a list of button with value take from database. After user click any of these button, slot ma_truong_hop is set with button. I had checked the log file and i clearly see that slot ma_truong_hop is set. But when i use tracker.get_slot(‘ma_truong_hop’) to get the value of slot ma_truong_hop, its value still none. any help would be greatly appreciated

My custom action:

Log file:

You are getting a None value because your print precedes the button click.

Thanks you. But where should i put tracker.get_slot in my custom action

Your bot will follow the intent “truong_hop” with an action. You need tracker.get_slot there or any other following action that requires that value.

After slot ma_truong_hop is set in action_set_slot_truong_hop. I try to create an action "“action_test” to print slot ma_truong_hop with tracker.get_slot but its value still none. Please help

Here my


Your “action_test” still precedes the button click. Your action sends a list of buttons to the user, it does not set the value of the slot. The value is set when the user clicks a button, in your stories you should have something like this:

* truong_hop{"ma_truong_hop": "<value>"}
    - slot{"ma_truong_hop": "<value>"}
    - action_test

Thank you so much @Gehova