Slot not setting properly

I am trying to set the slot using NLU. I am going through the tutorial Slots

Unfortunately slot values are not reflected. Please refer to the details below:

  1. Snippet from

Name introduction 1

  • name_introduction{“name”,“himanshu”}
    • slot{“name”:“himanshu”}
    • utter_name_introduction
  1. Snippet from domain.yml


  • name_introduction intents: slots: name: type: text


  • name

templates: utter_name_introduction:

  • text: “My name is {name}.”


  • utter_name_introduction


  • Tell me your name
  • What is your name

On running it always print the " My name is None."

Am I doing anything wrong ?? Please suggest

I’m not sure about the template ‘utter_name_introduction’ that you have used. I don’t know if {name} actually extract the slot ‘name’ value or not. If its correct, never mind. Everything else seems alright to me.

You can try creating a custom action in which you could get the slot value by using

“<variable_name> = tracker.get_slot(‘name’)” and then utter that by using

“dispatcher.utter_message(variable name)”.

I hope it helps.