Slot list is not working

Hi team, I want to display my facility_type in a list slot. for eg: hotel,restaurant I am using below code.

domain.yml slots: facility_type: type: list template: utter_facility_search:

  • text: “To find the {facility_type},please give more detail”

  • greet
    • utter_greet
  • search_provider{“facility_type”:“restaurant”}
    • utter_facility_search
  • search_provider
    • utter_facility_search
  • thanks
    • utter_goodbye

i am getting the below output while using “SHELL INTERACTIVE” . slot{“facility_type”: [“hotel”]} slot{“facility_type”: [“restaurant”]}

Required output: [hotel,restaurant]

Thanks, Ramya

sorry, I don’t understand what output do you mean

Issue is solved.

If i am giving the facility_type as one or more items means its working.
for ex:
User: I need a hotel or restaurant in France.
Bot: Fine, will help you to find the [hotel,restaurant] in France.

Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face: