Custom map same entity to different slots in Forms

Hi, so I am trying to ask a user for two different names. One should be their name and the other name should be the contact person they would like to speak with.
So both times, the entity name is extracted from the utterance but saved to a different slot, depending on the requested_slot.

Since the entity name and slot keys are different, I need to map the recognized entity to the according slot:

def slot_mappings(self) -> Dict[Text, Union[Dict, List[Dict]]]:
        return {
            "candidate_name": [
            "interview_partner": [

Somehow when the FormAction first asks for candidate_name it automatically sets slot interview_partner as well.
But its even stranger that the FormAction calls the utter template with both slots set to None. So instead of the (same) name for candidate_name and interview_partner in the answer, it just prints None both times.

* interview{"name":"Leon"}
    - interview_form
    - form{"name":"interview_form"}
    - slot{"candidate_name":"Leon"}
    - slot{"interview_partner":"Leon"}
    - form{"name":null}
    - slot{"requested_slot":null}

You should map a different entity name for each of the slots. I guess a challenge could be NLU parsing. Try providing lot of examples. I am facing similar problem in a different context. Will let you know if I get an answer.

Hey, thank you for your answer.
Since they are both name entities, I don’t really know how I should handle two entities that are basically the same.
Also, if I have two entities name1 and name2 and I get a name from something like enter_data{"name1":Leon"} how should Rasa decide which entity it is? :thinking:

Hey, using entity roles/groups might help you -

Entity Roles and Groups

So I think you would have one entity (name) but two possible roles (candidate_name and interview_partner)

Hey, thanks for the advice!
I already tried that, but they get deleted in my Rasa X deployment: Slot roles are getting deleted in Rasa X