Slot filling in a bot conversation

I am building a restaurant search bot and in one of the options the user gets to choose a cuisine. Now instead of entering the cuisine type, it enters the option number. I would like that the bot understands the user implied that particular cuisine. Any ideas how to implement this?

Why not duplicate the example from rasa’s restaurant bot, and replace the cuisine type with a number? e.g.:

## intent:cuisine_number
 - i want to order nr. [1](entity_number)
 - i want to order nr. [2](entity_number)
 - i want to order nr. [3](entity_number)

Then in a custom action you use a list to map from number to food type.

foodList = ['null', 'italian', 'thai', 'mexican']    
dispatcher.utter_message("food type: " + str(foodList[entity_number]))

Thanks a lot for your response. The idea you gave made a lot of sense and I was able to implement it successfully.

Have a great weekend.