Slot filling failed, showing None

I have my below requirement and please help me if there is any solution:

this is my file


Now what i want to do is suppose there is a user who is not able to reach any random ip address say, I want to capture the IP address that User tyoed, in this example , it is When I am printing the Ip address that user typed as configured in the domain.yml file


  • text: IP is {ip_address}

And my SLot is Slot:

  • ip_address: text

but it is showing “None”.

Is there any solution for such case ?

You should use the RegExFeaturizer for this.

Hi Remy, I guess I have tried that, but it is not at all capturing any values. It will be great if you can please explain a little about it further with any short such example

RegExFeaturizer is a featurizer. It just helps the model in identifying the right values for the entity you’re trying to capture. It can’t do this on its own without any input though. Just think about it like this: If I tell you certain towns in the Netherlands end with ‘stad’ (I’m featurizing town names for you now) but I don’t give any examples of towns you’ll never know if you’re correct in assessing if a word is actually a town name:

  • is Keistad a town?
  • is Lelystad?
  • is Spookstad?

You can only guess :slight_smile:


Nope Yes Nope

This means you’ll need a couple of examples in your file to give your model an idea of what IP addresses are like so:

## intent: inform_IP
- my IP is [](IP_adress)
- it's [](IP_adress)
- oh i believe it's [](IP_adress)

And then a couple more for good measure.

EDIT: for clarity: You have a sentence like the above in your NLU, but you haven’t tagged it in the [value](entity) notation.

@vik03 was your issue fixed?