Simple example with NER and slot filling

Is there a simple yet complete example of a project specifying an entity and slot that I could review? For example, something where the user states their name and the bot says greets them.


  • my name is Joe

and templates utter_greeting:

  • text: Hello {name}

The documentation’s hint at it but I’ve been unable to get a complete simple example to work.

Thanks in advance.


yep, here you go

Well … the restaurant bot doesn’t totally work for me. I answer the form questions and then it says:

“This is what I currently have: None (price: None, cuisine: chinese) for None people.”

So it is not picking up price or number of people …

Plus the docs for it ‘’ are missing.

could it be that you’re not running the nlu model when starting the bot? In any case, the code of the restaurant are an example of how to do what you’ve asked for

I do a ‘make run’ which depends on run-actions and run-core … but it does not work for me. I go through the conversation and it says:

“This is what I currently have: north (price: None, cuisine: indian) for None people.”


i guess the entities might just not be getting picked up, that happens sometimes because it’s just a test bot

i need to ask the user his name and email but not getting a proper example of it