Similar entities to the user

(Vikalp Upadhyay) #1

Hi everyone! I am replying to the user with the following custom action. My objective is to fetch an entity from user and populate similar entities as buttons. image

Has anyone done this?

‘my payroll’: ‘To create an employee payroll group, click on Payroll and choose Payroll Employee Group.’, ‘my final salary’: ‘To run the payroll, click on Payroll and choose Run Payroll.’,

class ActionModule(Action): def name(self): return ‘Action_Module’

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
	mod = tracker.get_slot('module')
	if mod in my_dict:
		reply = my_dict[mod]
		reply = "It is so odd that I don't have this info. I'm afraid you have to contact the user account manager."
	return [SlotSet('module', mod)]

(Akela Drissner) #2

this way should work, no? What’s going wrong?

(Vikalp Upadhyay) #4

Please ignore this question. I figured it out