Getting metadata about intent/entity in response

I’m working on debugging my chats with Rasa, and building a simple web client to do this.

When using the rasa interactive shell there’s a lot of metadata in the console and ways to correct the chat. Is there a way to get similar data when just “chatting” to the bot via an API? Then I could build a web debug client.

Even if it’s not fully interactive for on-the-fly training, it would be great if the normal rasa server would also send some metadata about which intent and entities were recognized.

I guess I could use the http api and the like parseModelMessage but I’m not sure if that keeps things like the current conversation state, so the returned intents would not be in context.

Otherwise perhaps I can use a python action to somehow send back the state at the lastMessage?

It looks like there are some other http endpoints, but that would mean sending the query twice, once over sockets and once on http to “double predict” it (and that would change the state too)


Any other thoughts on how to do this?

Also discussing on BotFront repo in case people haven’t seen that neat tool for authoring rasa bots