Error Setting Tracker store environment variables

Hi, I am trying to use environments variables in my custom tracker store. It looks like this.

  type: SQL
  dialect: "postgresql"
  port: 5432
  username: ${POSTGRES_USER}
  password: ${POSTGRES_PWD}

When using this I encounter this error:

ValueError: Error when trying to expand the environment variables in '${POSTGRES_NAME}'. Please make sure to also set these environment variables: '['${POSTGRES_NAME}']'

I use Rasa 1.5.3

Is someone knows how can I fix this ? Thanks in advance.

Are you sure the environment variable is set correctly? Do you get the expected value if you execute echo $POSTGRES_NAME on the command line?

@Tanja Thanks for the reply. I tried that before and it worked, but still Rasa does not recognised it. Any clue ? Thanks

Same problem. No activity?

Hi @pi4n0m4n. I haven’t been able to solve that.

@Rogers_ntr did you solve it? cause i am having same issue when trying rasa export. environment variables doesn’t get recognised by endpoints.yml . @Tanja @nik202 could you guys please help me? I am using EC2 for rasa x installed in it and running through docker containers.

@zoro what is your current error? Can you share the docker image files where your mentioned the database image?

@nik202 thank you on reaching out to me for helping me.Here in screenshot from my EC2 instance by SSH,Actually rasa x UI stopped getting conversations from instane since may 25th 2022 then i decided to migrate conversations using rasa export command where my endpoints.yml located .

this is my docker-compose file where db service runs in EC2 as tracker store.

this one is endpoints.yml

{“rasa”:{“production”:“2.8.7”,“worker”:“2.8.7”},“rasa-x”:“0.42.3”,“enterprise”:false,“local_mode”:false,“development_mode”:false,“updates”:{“rasa-x”:{“version”:“1.1.3”,“changelog_url”:“Rasa X Changelog”}}

this is from ip/api/version

today i solved error and made rasa x send conversations to UI,but i need to restore last conversations from may 25th.Cause our bot is talked by many people till now it has 153k conversations. I will be very thankful @nik202 ,please help me out with migration of conversation from tracker store to event broker .