Setting slots with buttons when slot name != entity name

I have read on the forums that the way to set slots with a button is through the /intent{entity} format (as @akelad pointed out here: Slots Set By Clicking Buttons). However, I’m not understanding how the slot would be set if the slot name were different from the entity name. I would like to know if such functionality exists so I am avoid using custom actions unnecessarily. Here is how I currently defined my button in the domain:

  - text: "Please choose one."
      - title: "Take some time for yourself twice a week"
        payload: '/inform{"goal": "Take some time for yourself"}'
      - title: "Get up and get moving more"
        payload: '/inform{"goal": "Get up and get moving more"}'

Here, goal is the entity and the slot I’d like to be filled is called goal_recommendation.

@alexyuwen, you can simply change from goal to goal_recommendation on payload. Whenever the user clicks between one of those buttons, goal_recommendation slot will be filled with “Take some time for yourself” or “Get up and get moving more”. Retrain your model and try again. Hope it works


This works! Thanks.

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