Run Buttons and Set Slots from a SINGLE custom action

Hey everyone, here I want to set some slots as well as run custom buttons in the same custom action.

When I try to do that, I don’t get the choose option when “action_listen” is run after my custom action. The slot that I am trying to set runs fine but the buttons do not.

Is there a way to accomplish this using a single custom action method?


Hi @nikhilcss97,

Are you using the button methods of the dispatcher to accomplish this? What do you mean the “choose option”?

Hey @MetcalfeTom thanks for replying

Yes, I am using the dispatcher.utter_button_message(message, buttons) to display buttons.

Along with this, I am returning the set slots from the same custom action.

return [SlotSet()]

Now the problem is when the custom action is run, only the slots get set and the buttons, even though they get displayed, when action_listen() is run after this action, I do not get an option to choose among the given buttons unlike the usual behaviour of custom buttons.


Might be related to my (unsolved) issue