Set slot twice in a conversation

Hi all,

I am using custom actions to fill slots while running a form with classes name such as action_<form_name><slot_name> and validate<form_name>. I have followed this RASA tutorial on custom forms Conversational AI with Rasa: Custom Forms - YouTube.

My form contains two boolean slots which needs to be filled in order as specified in domain.yml. During the first run of the form, everything goes smoothly. However, if I trigger the form again using an intent within the same conversation, this time both the boolean gets filled with the same value that I provide with the first boolean.

Suppose I have two booleans, isPerson and isTitle. During the first run I can set these independently, but in the second trigger of the form, isTitle automatically gets the same value as that of isPerson.

This is happening with every form that I make for the chatbot. Please help.