Sentiment analyzer label file


I have followed the tutorial on How to Enhance Rasa NLU Models with Custom Components | Rasa Blog | The Rasa Blog | Rasa and created a SentimentAnalyzer class and linked it in the config pipeline. When training the NLU module, the sentiment classifier is training, but when testing it does not output any sentiment label. My gues is that i have a wrong label.txt file format for my training dataset. I do not know the format of the label file that coresponds to a more complex training file.

Training file example:

language: “en”

pipeline: "spacy_sklearn"

# data - this is the combined .md files

data: |
  ## synonym:rbry-mqwu
  - hospital
  - hospitals

  ## synonym:9wzi-peqs
  - psychiatrist

  ## intent:goodbye
  - bye
  - goodbye
  - c ya
  - see you later
  - see ya
  - bye bye
  - cheers
  - Bye
  - Goodbye
  - See you later
  - Bye bot
  - Goodbye friend
  - bye
  - bye for now
  - catch you later
  - gotta go
  - See you
  - goodnight
  - have a nice day
  - i'm off
  - see you later alligator
  - we'll speak soon

  ## intent:ask_for_doctor
  - I want to talk with an specialist!
  - I want to speak with a doctor
  - I am feeling very sad
  - I have a very low self esteem
  - I want to die
  - I want to kill myself
  - I am not comfortable in my own skin
  - I cannot stand myself
  - I hate everyone.
  - Please help me, I want to kill myself
  - I am in great pain, please help me
  - Wabalabadupdup
  - I feel so lost, trapped and like everything is out of my control
  - Can you make my appointments?
  - I’m not coping.
  - Can we cancel going outside and stay in instead
  - I want to say I’m fine, but you know what? I’m really not
  - Today is not a good day for me
  - Can you text me instead of calling?
  - I would really benefit from some company
  - Can you make sure I get up in time?
  - I’m struggling to manage my self-care
  - I am feeling alone.
  - I do not want to live anymore.
  - I hate myself.
  - I am not feeling ok.

Can someone please help me with the format of the labels.txt file. Thank you