Sentiment Analysis

Hello Rasa community !

I need your help please ! i’ve developped a chatbot based on rasa and now i’m looking to add sentiment analysis , i 'm using frensh as a language of the chatbot , my idea is just detecting from my nlu data positive and negative intention and have a report of sentiment analysis ! I’m blocked help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hi @m2cci-sba! It sounds like you will want to create a custom NLU component. There is a blog post about how to do this that actually covers a sentiment analysis component example here.

actually i didn’t get how to use these codes in my chatbot. can you please tell me how to use these codes.i m new to rasa.plz help me if u got my problem.

Hi @soumya-SR! Did you read through the blog post? If so, what did you not understand? If you are new to Rasa, I reccomend watching the Rasa Masterclass

i have seen rasa matserclass . i just wanted to ask how can we implement these code.actually when i added sentiment analysis code in my threw an error due to pipeline i added to resolve this i removed supervised embedding pipeline but after that code bot was trained smoothly but replies were very always answered default action text. how can i solve this issue.

one thing i also want to ask what is the expected output of the bot after added sentiment analysis. sorry to ask you such type of silly question :see_no_evil::smile:

and also thanks for your reply :smile:

Hi @soumya-SR. There is an example in the blog post about what the pipeline should look like and what the output will be after you added the component