Sending more parameters using the REST input channel

I know that the rest connector we can pass a text like

 "sender":"John Doe",
 "message":"i have lost my credit card"

how can I add additional parameters to set some slots directly?? do I need a custom channel for that?

 "sender":"John Doe",
 "message":"i have lost my credit card",
 "slots": [
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well you could send the message as a regex, e.g. /inform{"entity":"value"}

Otherwise you can use this API endpoint here:

Indeed, we are putting objects in the tracker now.

Though it makes two calls… first to put the slot in the tracker and then sending the message. Meaning unless we determine an event, passing the slots with the message would be difficult

Hi Souvik, can you show me an example of setting slots in tracker

How do you want to set the slot in the tracker?

Using REST API or Rasa core sdk? you can set using the sdk with SlotSet(“slot_name”,“value”) by importing rasa.sdk (changed in V1 from 0.14)

Also important which version of Rasa are you using

I am using version 0.14.4

I am still trying to figure out how to set slots using the Rest API. Is there a simple example online? Is there a way to pass parameters to the action server to set slots?