Selects right intent and but display wrong message

The right intent is selected with the ranking of 0.95, but displays some other intent’s message wrongly which is not there at all in the ranking list. Am using rasa core ver 0.11.7 and NLU 0.13.4. And sometimes it selects fallback action even if the intent ranking is .95, even though the threshold were set as 0.3. Please help me to fix this issue.

The intent classification is done by RASA NLU. Intents and Entities are then used to train a Dialogue model using RASA CORE, and more specifically its POLICY, see this picture. So I wonder if you could specify in more detail how your file looks like. maybe try to generate more stories using interactive learning.

Interactive learning is not working and shows error as no response from localhost:5005. However let me check by running it in debug mode again