Fallback NLU threshold is not being respected

I have this configration for my fallback policy:

  - name: FallbackPolicy
    fallback_action_name: 'utter_default'
    core_threshold: 0.75
    nlu_threshold: 0.5

Pretty standard one, the thing that is happening is when I parse a message with the interpreter, I am getting an intent detected below that threshold: Example:

User input --> hay información sobre internet?
{'entities': [],
 'intent': {'confidence': 0.1366065889596939,
            'name': 'citizensinfo.online_request_neededdoc'},
 'intent_ranking': [{'confidence': 0.1366065889596939,
                     'name': 'citizensinfo.online_request_neededdoc'},
                    {'confidence': 0.10718376189470291,
                     'name': 'greetings.hello'},
                    {'confidence': 0.09952027350664139,
                     'name': 'tourism.acommodation_beds'},
 'text': 'hay información sobre internet?'}

Then the answer predicted is utter_default, which I guess is triggering from NLU and not Core because there is a story with the intent detected, I wonder how can I get the default answer defined in class RasaNLUHttpInterpreter(NaturalLanguageInterpreter) line 209: default_return = { "intent": {"name": "", "confidence": 0.0}, "entities": [], "text": "", } script /rasa/core/interpreter.py I need this because I am saving conversations in a database and intent name is really relevant to calculate statistics.

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Based on what you’ve shown above, your fallback policy should be invoked since the intent ranking of .13 falls below the 0.5 NLU threshold.

Please provide the rasa log with --debug for this intent with the NLU and core messages.