Selecting intent based on previous conversation

(Shruti) #1


I am quite new to Rasa stack and still figuring out existing functionalities. I want to know if the bot can select an intent based on previous conversation. Say-

me: I want to know my productivity bot: monthly,quarterly or yearly? me: quarterly bot: would you like in buckets of geographical regions or anything else me: geographical regions

So I would like the bot to remember the “quarterly” and “geographical regions” and the call the intent that computes the quarterly productivity in buckets of geographical regions.

Is it possible to do this? If yes, any pointers/guidance is highly appreciated.

Thank you, Shruti

(Siva Kovvuru) #2

Hey Shruti - What you need is Slots. Rasa Core documentation has details on its usage. Below links should help get you started.

Regards, Siva

(Shruti) #3

Thanks Siva! I will go through the documentation and let you know how it goes.

Regards, Shruti