Running NLU Only with various projects

Hello, I am new to rasa and did tests with docker container.

First I tried rasa/rasa_nlu with version 0.14 and that was all I need: I was able to manage various projects on the same docker container.

Now I try to use the last version 1.3.9 but I didn’t found this version for NLU only, so I tried rasa/rasa:1.3.9 (the CORE version that seems to include NLU now).

My issue is that the CORE cannot specify the model while requesting the parse method. Is it possible for the CORE version please ?

On the NLU version I was able to do that:

POST /parse {

That way I was able to train various project in the same docker container. How should I do with the CORE version ? Or can I still run the NLU only with the last version ?

Thanks for help

Hi Manuel,

The packages (repos) rasa_core and rasa_nlu were merged in the new package rasa starting with version 1.0, which is the one you have installed with version 1.3.9. The rasa package is of course not designed to work with older versions of core or nlu and I doubt it would give good results.

Regarding your main issue: projects feature was removed in 1.0 and there are currently no plans to reintroduce it (see the discussions here Removing projects · Issue #3259 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub and here Removing projects for Rasa NLU server).

Hello, Thanks for your answer. So we plan to deploy new docker containers for each project.