Running Multiple Instances of Rasa Bots on one server

I am thinking of running a bots as a service for my clients. Many would be Small scale, pop and mum business owners who would not be able to afford rolling out their own server clusters.

Do you think Rasa is optimised to run and host multiple of these instances for my clients, from one server?

Think of it like a shared-hosting architecture. Each client will have its own directory/account and run its own Rasa instance (with its stories, etc) Each will have its own domain hosted separated from the rest.

But i am new, so I dont know if I can run Docker or even Kubernettes instances this way. I just cant afford to spin up new servers for each of my users.


In theory this is possible, docker containers will run independent of each other. You’ll have to do some port management because all the instances will try to hook into the same ports on the host machine. This also means that requests have to be proxied on the host machine, you can use nginx for that (see example).

Also, the setup is going to need a server with a large amount of RAM, the minimum requirement is 4GB (for example, rasa-x installed on one of our servers uses about 2.5GB of memory when idle).

Thanks Allard, that was pretty useful!

Hey, Were you able to run multiple bots on 1 server.

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