Running multiple action server using docker-compose

I am trying to integrate two separate RASA bots under 1 integrated service. I am running both rasa nlu and action server using docker-compose. I am forwarding ports for second bot nlu from 5005 to 5006 and action server port 5055 to 5056. When i try running my docker- compose, the nlu models are loaded on separate ports, but action server does not work. Apparently the port forwarding is not correctly working because, the log indicates that the action server is still being looked at “http://localhost:5055/webhook” instead of “http://localhost:5056/webhook”. Can anyone help me with this issue?

RASA version: 2.2.5

Here is my docker-compose

I have solved this issue, apparently the action server endpoint should be defined along with the name of the docker image that we defined in the dockerfile

Hi @developeravsk , I am getting error while running my code. can you share Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml file if possible