Running Custom Action on Rasa-X installed on the Server

Please help me configure the Rasa-X which I installed on the Digital Ocean setup the Action directory with and actions file.

The application is working locally but not working online, I also configured the action server on docker-compose.override.yml.

Please assist

Could you describe in detail which steps you’ve taken? Without knowing what guide you followed and what commands you ran, it’s very hard for me to figure out what is going wrong here.

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  1. I have a rasa application working on my local environment with customs actions

  2. I have hosted a rasa-x in my digital ocean server and it is working for intents that are not using actions. I have linked the GitHub repo with the rasa-x

  3. I then, create two files in actions folder in rasa-x. The and init.py_. Actually, I copied the action file existed locally.

  4. I checked the to make sure it has an action endpoint

  5. Finally, I created a new file docker-compose.override.yml and update it with action details

There are many ways to host Rasa X on a VM. Did you follow a guide on our docs (if so, please share the link) or did you install the whole thing without docker?

When you say you created two files in the actions folder in Rasa-X … did you use a GUI from Rasa X or did you copy the files in the actions folder that is created by Rasa? I’m referring to the one that is created when you run rasa init.

Also, you’re mentioning an file. Are you sure it isn’t the endpoints.yml file?

You’re mentioning a docker-compose.override.yml with an update to the actions. Could you share those here? Otherwise I cannot spot any typos that might be in them.

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@koaning please see my setup above.

I copied the files from my local Rasa application and create a file manually in the /etc/rasa/actions folder.

OK. Clear. From what I can see here it seems like you’re not running a custom action container. When deploying Rasa X, we assume the actions live in a separate container.

The thread here might help. You might also enjoy this documentation.

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Sorry, I am seeing the action server is created. Please tell me what does this mean?

That’s the one. You’ll need to confirm that the endpoints.yml is able to find it.

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Thanks this is resolved by checking the endpoints.yml file and update correctly the address to the action Server as per the documentation. ${RASA_USER_APP}/webhook instead of "http://localhost:5055/webhook"

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