Run Rasa Server from docker image

Hi, I am running into issues when trying to run the RASA from the docker image. Here is the DockerFile and docker-compose.yml file.


FROM rasa/rasa
COPY . /app
RUN rasa train nlu


version: "2.1"
    build: .

Docker image build is successful. But when i try to run the docker, docker run rasa-deploy. It throws the following error. Can you please help with the above issue.

usage: rasa run [-h] [-v] [-vv] [--quiet] [-m MODEL] [--log-file LOG_FILE]
                [--use-syslog] [--syslog-address SYSLOG_ADDRESS]
                [--syslog-port SYSLOG_PORT]
                [--syslog-protocol SYSLOG_PROTOCOL] [--endpoints ENDPOINTS]
                [-i INTERFACE] [-p PORT] [-t AUTH_TOKEN]
                [--cors [CORS [CORS ...]]] [--enable-api]
                [--response-timeout RESPONSE_TIMEOUT]
                [--remote-storage REMOTE_STORAGE]
                [--ssl-certificate SSL_CERTIFICATE]
                [--ssl-keyfile SSL_KEYFILE] [--ssl-ca-file SSL_CA_FILE]
                [--ssl-password SSL_PASSWORD] [--credentials CREDENTIALS]
                [--connector CONNECTOR] [--jwt-secret JWT_SECRET]
                [--jwt-method JWT_METHOD]
                {actions} ... [model-as-positional-argument]
rasa run: error: invalid choice: 'port' (choose from 'actions')

The correct command is rasa run --enable-api --port 8443. You forgot the dashes before port.

Please see the docs for its usage and options: rasa run

Thank You

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