Run interactive session with different NLU and CORE models

Hey guys,

@souvikg10 @Emma
I just updated to rasa 1.1.1 and the problem I face right now is: In the earlier version which had NLU and CORE seperate I used to run interactive sesssion by running the CLI command

python3 -m rasa_core.train interactive -o clients/ttt/nextAction -d clients/ttt/data/domain_ttt.yml -s ./clients/ttt/data/ --nlu clients/ttt/NLU --endpoints endpoints.yml

The current way to do it is:

rasa interactive -m models/20190515-135859.tar.gz --endpoints endpoints.yml

How do I pass two different models to the interactive session? Please help.

I think your zip model contains both NLU and Core models