Run custom action for any input?

Hey, I need my RASA bot to reply only using my custom action. When I use Fallback policy, it says circuit breaker tripped. The only solution is to use FollowingAction(“action_listen”), which avoids those multiple responses. However I do not accept that as a proper solution, more like hacky one.

The point is → any input coming to my bot should trigger my custom action. My custom action will take that input and based on other conditions will go to the database and select a proper response. Those responses might change often.

Here is my custom action demo (for demo purposes its simplified)

Thanks a lot!

I am afraid it must have been a little misunderstanding here :slight_smile:

I know how to extract the latest user message from current state of the tracker, I only need to run my custom action for any input RASA bot gets - just like I am describing above.

Thanks a lot @nik202