Custom Buttons from Custom Action

Hi everyone, I want custom number of buttons with custom values(taken from a database) and want to set slots with the values of the buttons. I know we can do this as a template inside the domain.yml file as:


  • buttons:
    • payload: ‘/choose{“operation”: “max”}’ title: Max
    • payload: ‘/choose{“operation”: “min”}’ title: Min
    • payload: ‘/choose{“operation”: “average”}’ title: Average
    • payload: ‘/choose{“operation”: “count”}’ title: Count
    • payload: ‘/choose{“operation”: “sum”}’ title: Sum text: what operation would you like?

where ‘operation’ is a slot.

How can we achieve the same using dispatcher.utter_button_message() inside my custom action?


can you use this code here? medicare_locator/ at master · RasaHQ/medicare_locator · GitHub

Hi @amn41 thanks a lot. My issue is solved.