Rules that contain more than 1 user message

hi, so i’m witing this rule to set a slot, but i’m getting this error, the weird thing is that my friend tried the same rule and it’s working ! aren’t rules supposed to contain more than 1 utterance ?

  • rule: if_rec


    • intent: rec

    #- action: utter_rec

    • action: utter_type

    • intent: type

    • action: type_form

    • active_loop: type_form

InvalidRule: Found rules ‘if_rec’ that contain more than 1 user message. Rules are not meant to hardcode a state machine. Please use stories for these cases.

Had same problem today. Can be fixed in config file under rule policy, by adding “restrict_rules: False”

   - name: "RulePolicy"
     restrict_rules: False

Not sure, why it was added, but it seems to be recent update. If you have older rasa version, then problem does not seem to appear.