Right action not called, slot value not being set

I have two actions both with same purpose as of now for testing purposed. There is only a minor difference between the two.I have 3 entities and 3 slots in the first one and one entity and one slot in the second one,. Now, when I put value in the slot of the second action, the right intent is called but the slot value is set in the fist action’s slot and the action called is the first one where as the correct sequence should have been slot of the second action and second action to be called. I am attaching the files for better understanding, Nlu.md






happy path

  • greet
  • utter_detail_email
  • mood_great
  • utter_happy

more info

  • more_info
  • utter_detail_email

direct api 1

  • direct_api1
  • utter_direct_api1_reply
  • direct_api2
  • utter_direct_api2_reply
  • direct_api3
  • utter_direct_api3_reply


  • chitchat
  • respond_chitchat

get email

  • enter_email

direct access

  • direct_api
  • utter_direct_api_reply

ask for email value

  • details
  • utter_detailsreply

ask insert time

  • enter_insert_time
  • slot{“insert_time”: “2020-03-21”}

  • utter_insert_time_reply

info reply

  • enter_entity_name
  • action_hello_world

  • slot{“entity_name”: “hassan”}

  • slot{“email”: “mahesh@gmail.com”}

  • slot{“insert_time”: “2020-03-21”}

sad path 1

  • mood_unhappy
  • utter_cheer_up

  • utter_did_that_help

  • affirm
  • utter_happy

sad path 2

  • mood_unhappy
  • utter_cheer_up

  • utter_did_that_help

  • deny
  • utter_goodbye

say goodbye

  • goodbye
  • utter_goodbye

bot challenge

  • bot_challenge
  • utter_iamabot

abc path

  • ask_more
  • utter_bor_name_reply

abcd path

  • enter_bor_name
  • action_custom_1

  • slot{“bor_name”: “Instrument”}

I am setting the value of bor name, but its is being set in entity_name slot and the action called is action_hello_world, whereas, I want the value to go in bor_name slot and the action that should be called is the other one.