Revoke the conversation when multiple user works

if multiple users doing conversation on the platform and suppose one is not replying for a few hours but after that, they send a message regarding previous So how do we revoke the conversation or manage the session. ? In a simple word … How to we will revoke the conversation? @erohmensing @MetcalfeTom @Juste @juste_petr @akelad

Did I find a new thing “How to revoke the conversation?” as the example, if multiple users did conversation with model and one of user busy for 5-6 hours and after that, he again starts the conversation where he left the conversation So how we revoke the conversation that time and how to take input for revoke conversation? You have Any Idea… How to solve this issue… I need this… @MetcalfeTom @erohmensing @akelad @Juste @juste_petr

@neerajb1 @souvikg10 @sridhar-v9 @akelad

what do you mean by revoke the conversation?

Hi, i solve this but i am stuck in Affirm(Yes) and confirmation(Yes). Affirm and Confirmation is different intent and Yes is same entity for both. but model pick only one. how to manage perfectly ? Any Idea. i manage different different slot with different name also. but i cant found exactly. So help me in this how to manage Affirm(Yes) and Confirmation(Yes). Thanks @akelad

I still don’t quite understand. You shouldn’t have the same word be two different entities and “Yes” probably shouldn’t be tagged as an entity, but rather just an intent