Retrieve user_id from Facebook messenger

Hello everybody, how to retrieve the Facebook user_id from Messenger in Rasa Tracker, so I can retrieve the profile’s name or other informations about the contact. The tracker’s sender_id is not the same of Facebook’s profile user_id.

Is it part of the request that comes in from facebook? You could print the request that comes into the webhook in the facebook input channel to see.

In the sqlite db, the row has the following data (sender_id is not a Facebook user_id): id=3837 sender_id=2865973916787916 type_name=user timestamp=1581615247.92075 intent_name=info_corsi data={“event”: “user”, “timestamp”: 1581615247.9207547, “text”: “Posso prenotare un appuntamento?”, “parse_data”: {“intent”: {“name”: “info_corsi”, “confidence”: 0.9984258413314819}, “entities”: [], “intent_ranking”: [{“name”: “info_corsi”, “confidence”: 0.9984258413314819}, {“name”: “costo_corsi”, “confidence”: 0.0008987134206108749}, {“name”: “info_generiche_corsi”, “confidence”: 0.00010379301966167986}, {“name”: “email”, “confidence”: 9.740460518514737e-05}, {“name”: “info_garanzia_giovani”, “confidence”: 6.362960994010791e-05}, {“name”: “durata_corsi”, “confidence”: 5.592771776719019e-05}, {“name”: “zz_opinione_positiva”, “confidence”: 5.114577288622968e-05}, {“name”: “zz_arrivederci”, “confidence”: 4.176419315626845e-05}, {“name”: “info_certificazioni”, “confidence”: 3.955802458222024e-05}, {“name”: “contatto”, “confidence”: 3.6640220059780404e-05}], “text”: “Posso prenotare un appuntamento?”}, “input_channel”: “facebook”, “message_id”: “6373ef49310743489b89ee3e7fbfaa26”, “metadata”: null}